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accessories -S7L21

accessories detail image-S6L19

Light and dry even in midsummer
I want to make wearable pants
Let me introduce you to the semi-wide denim that I made.

Soft cotton but like linen
Denim casualness using fabric texture
A feeling of wearing that is cool without missing a thing,
These are pants with a natural sensibility added :)

Vertical resolution that entered rough
The scratch contrast doesn't stand out much
Looking at a lot of samples to find fabrics that don't
The color of black and blue is not too strong and it is soft.
Because it saved the feeling that was expressed
You will wear it more stylishly!

Classic yet trendy look
I want to highly recommend them as they are made-up pants.

Then more detailed pictures
I'll help explain :)
accessories detail image-S4L11
fit & detail

Full of hip sensibility
Introducing Denim Pants!

Soft and strong cotton material
The wash feeling like linen stands out
These are cool pants.

High-waisted abdomen and waist
while holding steady
The leg line looked long too!

Follow the body with a thin feeling
It is a material that falls softly.
Pleasantly without the feeling of sticking to the skin
It is wearable, and it looks natural whenever you walk.
These are really pretty pants with a falling fit

Overall wide fit
Made to cover the natural flesh
Helps create a slim silhouette
It's not overdone, so it's not too burdensome for daily use!

Length is long up to the instep of the model
A trendy and hip sensibility
A basic t-shirt to make it even more alive
It was good to complete a stylish look even if it was matched.

From sneakers to shorts, bloopers and slippers
Goes well with a variety of shoes.
Classic yet trendy
Since they are pants, I have to work very often to coordinate them.

In the summer season, it is light and dry.
You will find the texture of the fabric.
If you keep it as it is made-up pants
You're sure to get your hands dirty all season long!

Because the vertical grain contrast is not strong
You can enjoy it without any burden.
Leg line is longer and slimmer
It has a visible effect, making it more beautiful
I'd highly recommend it as it's a pair of pants to wear :)

accessories detail image-S6L20
color & size

Soft like a little water
Close to black with outstanding washing feeling
I prepared it in black and blue color, and it gives a calm feeling.
Because it comes out full, it is hip,
You'll love the chic style!

Cool but atmospheric
Easy to complete achromatic coordination
This item is highly recommended

The size is made to fit
S / 26 ~ plump 27
M / plump 28 ~ regular size 29
L / plump 29 ~ regular size 30

I recommend it, depending on your body type.
As it may vary, the detailed size and
Please make a good choice after referring to the detail cut :)

*We recommend washing alone for dark colors.
We recommend that you avoid matching with bright items as much as possible!

accessories product image-S5L13
accessories detail image-S5L14accessories detail image-S5L14accessories detail image-S5L14accessories detail image-S5L14
accessories charcoal color image-S5L15accessories charcoal color image-S5L15accessories charcoal color image-S5L15accessories charcoal color image-S5L15
accessories product image-S5L16
accessories detail image-S5L17accessories detail image-S5L17accessories detail image-S5L17
accessories detail image-S5L18accessories detail image-S5L18accessories detail image-S5L18
accessories model image-S5L19accessories model image-S5L19
accessories detail image-S5L20
detail view
accessories charcoal color image-S8L23accessories charcoal color image-S8L23
accessories -S1L8
- It is recommended to adjust the monitor's brightness and contrast gamma for accurate product information expression.
- There may be slight color differences depending on lighting, lighting, and the resolution of your monitor.

1. The size is measured in the same way as the product image guide line above on a cross-sectional basis.
2. The size may have an error of about 1-3cm depending on the measurement method and individual differences.
3. Product color may differ slightly from actual color depending on the resolution of your monitor.
4. For outdoor and indoor shooting, product color may not be accurate due to lighting or environment.
The color of the detail cut is most similar to the color of the actual product.

* Products using knits and stretchy fabrics may have a large size error range.
* Even for the same product, there may be size deviations every time it is produced.
Sizes may vary depending on color due to dyeing.
* Even if it is made with the same pattern, size, and process
Please understand that it is difficult to manufacture in exactly the same size.

* Patterns may not be consistent along the sewing line of clothes.
Because it is not a hand-made product, there are dangara patterns and check patterns, etc.
The pattern of the pocket or seam allowance can be accurately drawn vertically and horizontally.
It may not be consistent. Please note that this point is not a defect when purchasing.
*Dark colors may have color migration due to the nature of the manufacturing process.
ElasticityNonelasticModerateHighly Elastic
Cotton 100%
Midnight Blue
S, M, L
Wash Care
  • Dry CleanDry Clean
  • Hand Wash SeparatelyHand Wash Separately
에드모어 협력업체
Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
Within 6 months from the date of product registration
A/S information and person in charge
에드모어 고객센터 / 1544-7152
Quality Assurance Standards
If it falls within the scope of consumer subscription withdrawal stipulated in the Consumer Protection Act
- Any unauthorized commercial use of Edmore's images and source trademarks may result in civil and criminal penalties.

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